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:idea: Radio France
France Inter, France Info, France Culture, France Musique, FIP, Le Mouv', etc. Possibilité d'écouter en direct ou de "podcaster" des émissions. (ceci de Zaby, la suite de Jann)

Radio France is the national public radio service. It runs several stations. Listen live online or download podcasts for any of the stations. Le groupe radiophonique national "Radio France" est un service public qui gère plusieurs chaînes de radio. Écoutez en direct sur votre ordinateur, ou téléchargez des podcasts d'émissions.

Les chaînes :
France Inter - general
France Info - only news
France Culture - culture: science, the visual arts, music, media, history, politics, etc.
France Bleu - 41 regional stations* (Click on a map to connect to the site of a local radio station - OR - choose from a list.)
France Musique - classical, music as a subject
FIP - music
Le Mouv' - alternative rock, youth oriented

*Regarding the regional stations on France Bleu, a member suggests:
JerseyRich said:
I like France Bleu Armourique. They have the news,weather, horoscopes. Also later on in the morning during the week they have quite a lot of phone ins which are good for understanding a lot of very basic French.
Indeed, if you are interested in regional pronunciation differences, listening to call-in shows on different France Bleu stations around the country is a good way to get a sampling of accents. Call-in shows are in general an excellent way for an intermediate or advanced learner to accustom his/her ear to the great variety possible across native speakers. People who use their voices professionally (language teachers, TV presenters, etc.) speak differently in these professional situations than "normal" people do in their everyday lives.
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    :idea: Radio France Internationale (la radio, les actualites, la musique etc..)
    Radio France Internationale - très bien pour les débutants en français.
    RFI has a sub-section for people learning French, with news in "easy" French, listening exercises.
    RFI propose des émissions pour ceux qui apprennent la langue française : les infos en "français facile", des exercices d'écoute, etc.
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    French (lower Normandy)
    Anglais britannique / British English (including slang, dialects, etc)

    Un classique, la BBC bien sûr.
    ... y compris une partie du site dédiée à l'anglais en langue étrangère :

    Et des enregistrements pris des quatre coins du Royaume-Uni : Voices recordings.
    Pour certains enregistrements, il y a même le transcript comme ici.

    Les voices recordings figurent également dans ce fil.

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    England, UK English
    Radios françaises et internationales
    "La radio de l'éco". Cliquez "écouter en direct". Features mostly talking, i.e. little or no music
    "En direct de La Réunion". Cliquez "freedom en HIFI". Il y a beaucoup de programmes avec les auditeurs en direct; features mostly talking, i.e. little or no music.
    For people who like classic rock, a French speaking Belgian official radio.
    Merci à Benoit abroad !
    The reason I like this station so much is the presenters and their guests seem to have great accents and diction (from dhome). Radio Courtoisie is a political station, openly close to the Front National, the extreme right French party. But their attachment to traditional values does bring them to speak a very academic French (from berrac).
    Les émissions de BBC Afrique
    Merci, deanti !
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    English - USA
    American English / Anglais américain
    National Public Radio (US-in-depth news, politics, culture, talk). To listen, select a podast, a story, a program, a live station, etc. Association de stations indépendantes à but non lucratif, financées en large partie par les auditeurs : infos, politique, interviews, analyse, culture, etc. Pour écouter, sélectionner un podcast, une émission, un programme, une station en live, etc.
    .... How to tune in, aide à l'écoute :
    .... NPR Worldwide, NPR internationale :
    Index of on-line stations all across the US with map-based search, Annuaire de stations américaines qui diffusent en live sur internet, rechercher sur la carte.
    The Voice of America (VOA) radio is funded by the US government. This link is to the portion of the site that is intended to help non-native English speakers understand and learn American English. These broadcasts are in what the VOA calls "special English:" the vocabulary and sentences are simplified and the speaking rate is about 2/3 of natural speed.
    La radio Voice of America (VOA) est financée par le gouvernement américain. Le lien ci-dessus mène vers la partie du site destinée à ceux qui ne parlent pas l'anglais comme langue maternelle. Les émissions sont en ce que la VOA appelle "anglais spécial", c'est-à-dire un anglais d'un vocabulaire et d'une structure simplifiés et dont la prononciation n'est qu'à 2/3 de la vitesse naturelle. L'objectif affiché est d'aider les non-anglophones à comprendre et à apprendre l'anglais américain.


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    Europe 1, of course! Listen live "en direct" or download podcasts.
    Caroline Dublanche's call-in show may be of particular interest to language learners because the host does not seem to work from a script. She has a very clear speaking voice and often repeats callers' questions, making it easier to understand them. You will hear a variety of natural, native speaking patterns. Podcasts or listen live:
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