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    - a downloadable freeware that helps you build your own lists - use available wordlists (or create your ones) and quiz yourself - a rich collection of themed lists (nature, clothes, body, town, home, travelling, science, agriculture, society, politics, language, sentiments, literature, media, sport and more) - a monolingual glossary of sewing terms - inhabitants of Italian and European regions and world nations (abitanti d'Europa e del Mondo) - geographical regions (regioni geografiche) - world languages (lingue del mondo) - world currencies (valute internazionali) - musical terms (termini musicali) - at the restaurant (al ristorante) - air travel (viaggi aerei) - vocabolario giovanile - military ranks (i gradi militari) - nobility (titoli nobiliari) - religious titles (titoli religiosi) - idioms involving parts of head (parti del capo) <--Plurali - glossary of archaic Italian words (glossario di termini arcaici) - :warn: "alternative" Italian dictionary (vulgar words) - :warn: slang - slangopedia - play on words (anagrams etc.) - multilingual acronym database

    Specialized: - computer terminology (terminologia informatica) - financial terms (finanza) - banking and finance terms (English, German, Italian, French definitions of English, German, Italian, French terms) (banca e finanza) - Insurance terms (termini assicurativi) - accounting (with English equivalents) - (contabilità) - genetics (Italian only) (genetica) - FAO publishing style (stile editoriale)
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    Pronunciation - audio books - phrases spoken by native speakers - enter your text, and Fabio, Giulia, Luca, Marcello, Matteo, Paola, Roberto, Silvana and Valentina will read it for you - podcasts with transcripts - diction and accent - audio files with transcripts - podcasts about many topics - grammar and culture podcasts with transcripts <-- Listen to the pronunciation - Ascolta la pronuncia <-- Listen to the pronunciation - Ascolta la pronuncia <-- Listen to the pronunciation - Ascolta la pronuncia <--English and Italian<-- Audio clip sia in BE che in AE.<-- Audio clip sia in BE che in AE. <-- Audio clip sia in BE che in AE. <-- Audio clip in BE <-- Correct Italian pronunciation spoken by a real voice. <-- Correct Italian pronunciation spoken by a real voice.
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    čeština - Accademia della Crusca, "the" authoritative source of clarity - a popular language column of Corriere della Sera - analisi grammaticale e analisi logica

    Italian grammars: <-- In English

    Explanations: - descriptive grammar - a huge collection of grammar topics - an extensive grammar reference - a succinct overview - a well structured overview - an excellent overview of the subjunctive - a course in Dutch (.pdf) - grammar and culture podcasts (with transcripts) - Adjective order - Hyphens - controversial grammar questions (copy it into your browser if it is not clickable, PM me if it does not help)


    European Commission Italian grammar resources
    neologismi & dubbi generali.
    "A collection of videos (with their transcript) on how to avoid common errors in Italian and create an awareness of common mistakes made by natives with a thorough explanation of the causing factors. Very useful for more advanced learners that have an interest in understanding developments in current Italian, i.e. use of the subjunctive/indicative from an academic perspective and notes on oddities of pronunciation".

    Exercises: - a useful exercise on congiuntivo (but some sentences do not sound natural to Italian natives) - basic grammar with exercises (and answers) - beginner to intermediate grammar - lessons with exercise "games"
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    čeština - the best conjugator out there ;) - a downloadable verb trainer - congiuntivi and more - beginners and intermediate, with pronunciation - beginner, intermediate and advanced level - for beginners, with audio files - exercises for beginners - beginner, intermediate, advanced level - beginner, lower intermediate; free but with a registration - for beginners, lots of audio, free but with a registration - comprehensive list of topics <-- Italiano per stranieri - Risorse didattiche - interattivo - basic phrases with pronunciation indicated (but without audio files) - Italian explanations of Italian proverbs and idiomatic expressions - English idioms and proverbs with Italian explanations - aphorisms, proverbs and idiomatic expression - animal metaphors - a clickable thematically sorted collection of aphorisms and quotes - thematically sorted proversbs - Italian proverbs with German translations
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    čeština - Italian songs & lyrics - a huge collection of links to Italian resources on culture and language - parallel texts in Italian and English - Biblioteca dei Classici Italiani - links to Italian broadcasters - links to Italian newspapers (both nation-wide and regional) - columns by a famous Italian journalist - formal letters
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    Mappa dialetti/lingue in Italia

    Abruzzese​ aquilano

    Calabrese​ calabro-lucano (mormanno) gizzerese

    Campano​ italiano-napoletano napoletano-italiano corso di napoletano in inglese dizionario napoletano paternese

    Emiliano​ bolognese-inglese reggiano ferrarese bussetano

    Friulano​ friulano triestino


    Ladino​ ladino cadorino

    Laziale​ romanesco ciociaro

    Ligure​ corso di genovese genovese glossario zoologico genovese-italiano

    Lombardo​ comasco milanese bergamasco milanese corso di milanese bresciano-italiano oltrepò pavese milanese milanese brianzolo


    Molisano​ termolese


    Piemontese DIALETTO VERCELLESE.htm vercellese basaluzzese

    Pugliese​ massafrese leccese tarantino lizzanese/salentino


    Sardo​ sardo-italiano-inglese sassarese

    Siciliano​ dizionario sicialiano-italiano

    Toscano​ lucchese pistoiese nel bolognese vernacolo toscano pistoiese lagaccese fossatese

    Veneto vocabolario bassa padovana elementi di grammatica bassa padovana minidizionario veronese vocabolario veronese-italiano-inglese corso di veronese veneziano veneziano vocabolario veneto-italiano


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    Three ways to type accents (written by Silvia)

    #1 uses Alt + a number combination on the keypad on the right hand side of your keyboard, but since it uses this keypad, it doesn't work on laptops
    #2 is the International Keyboard
    #3 is for Apple computers

    #1 refers to the ASCII code (American Standard Code for Information Interchange):

    à 133 (hold down the "ALT" key and continue to hold it while typing in the sequence 1 3 3 on the numeric keypad, and then release the "ALT" key)
    À 0192

    è 138
    È 0200
    é 130
    É 144

    ì 141

    ò 149

    ù 151
    Ù 0217

    #2 The US International keyboard layout is a feature of Windows that allows for easier input of accents for foreign languages. It should work in most programs that run on Windows.

    How to Install the US International Keyboard Layout in Windows XP:

    - go to 'Start' => 'Control Panel' => 'Regional and Language Settings'
    - click on the 'Languages tab' => 'Text services and input languages' => 'Details'
    - in the section 'Installed Services', you will see a list of the already installed languages/keyboard layouts. Click on the 'Add' button to open the 'Add Input Language' dialog box.
    - select English (e.g. English (United States) from the first drop-down menu
    => tick the Keyboard layout/IME field to activate it
    => select 'United States-International' from the second drop-down menu
    => click OK

    Notice that United States-International now appears in the list of installed keyboard layouts. Look at the section Default input language above. Select English (United States - United States-International) from the drop-down menu. This layout will now be selected automatically every time Windows starts.
    - click OK to close the Text Services and Input Languages dialog box.
    - click OK to close the Regional and Language Settings dialog box.
    Your keyboard layout is now configured for accents! ;)

    (See this Microsoft page for support.)

    #3 Accent codes for the Macintosh are very simple:
    - grave accents à è ì ò ù --- Option Key + `, the vowel (to input the letter à, hold down the Option key, then the ` key, release both keys then type lowercase a or uppercase A if you want it in caps)
    - acute accents é --- Option Key + E, the vowel (to input the letter é, hold down the Option key, then the E key, release both keys then type lowercase e or uppercase E if you want it in caps)

    New feature!!

    Every text entry box has accented letters available for the language of the forum you are in.

    Click on the thumbnail below
    and look to the right of the icons: (this feature is only available in the "Go Advanced" text entry box, not in the "Post Quick Reply" entry box)


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