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  1. 涼宮

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    Sbaeneg/Castellano (Venezuela)
    Hello there!

    Is there any term for the word ''online'' in Latin? I couldn't find any in the dictionaries. Since many technology concepts have already a Latin equivalent I assume 'online' has equally one, but I can't find one.

    Thank you in advance! :)
  2. Scholiast

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    scilicet apud illud Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis (civitate Vaticana impressum atque urbi et orbi editum) inueniri licet uerbum aptum; miserabile dictu exemplar huiusce operis ad manum non habeo. propositio mea: '[interreti] connexus'.

  3. 涼宮

    涼宮 Senior Member

    Sbaeneg/Castellano (Venezuela)
    Gratias! Although how would you fit ''connexus'' into the following context?

    Right now I'm online on Skype. Jamjam Skypē .... sum?:confused:
  4. Scholiast

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    iam iam per Skype connexus sum

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