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je sais pas comment dit-on en francais "he loves her only in so far as he believes that she is in fact a woman"
...jusqu'au point qu'il croit que c'est une femme... peut-etre?
in so far as c'est tres idiomatique donc je n'ai aucun idee...
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    I don't understand the English sentence, this "only in so far" doesn't make sense to me!

    But anyway, your translation attempt, which is grammatically pretty good, would sound better if you say : au point de croire que c'est une femme (without jusque)


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    Viera, I would say:
    Il ne l'aime que dans la mesure il croit que c'est une femme.
    I thought however that it was one word: insofar.


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    Ok, I completely missed the real meaning of the sentence.

    You're totally right, Doodlebugger. is required here, and insofar is a single word.
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