Only too happy to.


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What does the underlined phrase mean?

A: Could you lend me your bike this afternoon?
B: Only too happy to.

No context provided:(

  • panjandrum

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    I agree with urnidiot.

    I think only too happy fits very naturally when followed by a negative response.
    Yvan: Could you lend me your bike this afternoon?
    Zoe: I'd be only too happy to, but I need it myself.
    Is that just me?

    What a curious expression, now that I have had to think about it.


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    I agree with urnidiot too, but not so much with Panj:). To me "only to happy to" is neutral - I don't think it necessarily implies that you're not going to (although it certainly could in the appropriate context). "Will you go and see your aunt?" "I'd be only too happy too!" = "certainly!" For me in either use the phrase is slightly quaint. Yes, grammatically it is a strange phrase isn't it!
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