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I saw someone saying in the chat " maybe you are onto something about taking risks"
what does it mean ? Seems like this person is agreeing with the speaker.
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    It is an idiom.

    he is onto something
    I'm onto something.
    It turns out that, for once, Brent may have been onto something.

    onto something

    Definition of onto something

    : having done or discovered something important, special, etc.When the crowd responded to the show so positively, we realized we were onto something.
    Definition of ONTO SOMETHING

    onto (something)​

    1. Having knowledge, suspicions, or awareness of something deceptive or underhanded.You'd better tread carefully—I'm onto you now.The police are onto us! Everybody run!
    2. Discovering, realizing, or in the process of doing something of great importance, value, or insight.Great work on this essay, Lindsay. I really think you're onto something here.Scientists now believe they may be onto a cure for cancer.
    onto something