Onunla işim var.

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I asked someone why he was waiting for someone else. He replied, "Onunla işim var."

What did he mean? Please note that he was not a native speaker of Turkish, so even if his reply was grammatically correct, it may not necessarily have been idiomatic. I don't think a native speaker of Turkish would actually use the expression "Onunla işim var.", but I may be mistaken.

Teşekkür ederim!
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    I translated it as "I have something to do with him/her"
    the expression is correct , but does not seem wholly suitable response to your question you provided in English (except if that one pointed the that mentioned (asked) one (especially either by his face or fingers).

    because in case we translate the whole communication into Turkish , it will stand for:

    - Birisine onun neden başkasını beklemekte olduğunu sordum (yani aslında soru : "başkasını/başka birisini neden bekliyorsunuz?)

    -onunla işim var.
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    I have some business to take care of with him.
    I have some matters to settle with him.