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  1. luisavias New Member

    I'm a newcomer from Spain and I can't find an accurate English translation for our "opciones de bachillerato" or "opción de ciencias" or
    I'm taking "Bachillerato tecnológico o científico".
    Can anyone help me, please?

  2. sneaksleep Senior Member

    Can you describe a little more what the idea is? Is it an official area of concentration for your undergraduate studies? Or something different?
  3. luisavias New Member

    The present compulsory secondary school over here in Spain, finishes at the age of 16, when a student has to take two years more before entereing University. These 2 years are called Bachillerato and they are studied at secondary school as well. Then, students can take different "modalities", different curriculums depending on what they want to study at university. In Spain they are called "Modalidades de Bachillerato" and they are "Bachillerato Tecnológico, Bachilleerato Humanístico or Bachillerato científico" I don't know how to translate that into English.

    Thanks a lot,
  4. sneaksleep Senior Member

    This is different from the US education system, but after asking some friends from the UK and India, I think the correct term for these 2 years between secondary school and university is junior college. There are a couple different possible terms for which curriculum you choose to follow while you're at junior college. I have seen track, concentration, course, and stream. I think that "track" or "concentration" are probably the most understandable for a US audience--for example, "Humanities Concentration" or "Science Track". Also, the diploma that you receive when you finish junior college is called your Associate's Degree.
  5. VenusEnvy

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    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    It sound to me like an appropriate translation would be "major". For me, "track" and "concentration" are sub-studies which you undertake within a major. For example...

    Major: Education
    Tracks: Elementary, Secondary, Adult, ESL

    Major: Sociology
    Track: Applied Sociology, Gerontology, Medical Sociology
  6. sneaksleep Senior Member

    VenusEnvy, I would agree with you if we were talking about regular university, but for junior college, I'm not sure. Luisavias described it as a curriculum students take depending on what they want to study later when they get to university (where they will then have to declare a major). Maybe "curriculum" is a good word?
  7. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    sneak: Ahhh, I see. I suppose it might be more equivalent to a vocational high school here, or as you mentioned a community college.

    I think that you're right. I think that track or concentration sounds best. ;)
  8. CheRie Senior Member

    Español/Inglés Houston/Caracas
    In a way it sounds like "bachillerato" in Venezuela and it is high school.
    The 2 last years of high school you choose to take classes with an emphasis on science or arts depending on your vocation and skills. For instance, if you want to pursue a carreer in the medical field you will choose "science" or "bachillerato mención Ciencias" .
  9. quetejodas Banned

    English, USA
    i studied abroad in spain as a senior in highschool and it exactly what CheRie is explaining. It is not junior college, just a different education system. After ESO (which ends with what is equal to sophmore year of hs) you can choose to end your education and start with a profession or you go for 2 more years (what is equal to junior and senior year of hs) and then begin at a university. The specific "tracks" (ie: technology track, humanities track, or science track) is a reflection of your interests and ability to succeed. you do not recieve an associates degree, it more equivalent to high schools that offer a program which allows for specialized study (ie: Academy of Finance or Academy of medicine, etc.. things like naf.org) but you still only have a highschool diploma.

    so i think its best as "im in the science or technology track" and you are in one of the offered "tracks of study".
  10. Titigari Member

    Uruguay spanish
    I live in Uruguay and we have a similar system, the "bachillerato" years are included in highschool, You do not receive a high school certificate unless you complete these las two years. You are supposed to choose the orientation according to what you plan to study in University. For example someone who wants to be a physician will choose Biology Track the first year and then Medicine track the last year.
    I think They are an equivalent for Senior School studies in USA (I don't know about UK).
    Maybe "orientation" is another possible word.

  11. caperucita roja

    caperucita roja Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain/French
    I think in the UK the bachillerato is like the A levels... not sure though but seems to be almost the same.

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