Open-pit fire

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When a fire is "open-pit"? What does it mean?

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This is like one of the great things we ever discovered, fire. From playing with it, they learn some basic principles about fire, about intake, about combustion, about exhaust. These are the three working elements of fire that you have to have to have a good controlled fire. And you can think of the open-pit fire as a laboratory.
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    An open-pit fire is one where a hole (about 18 inches deep) is dug in the ground and a fire lit at the bottom of the hole. I have personally made such a fire and placed sticks crisscross on the mouth of the hole. A duck was successfully roasted when it was placed on the sticks. Really it is a primitive barbecue.

    As a child I was allowed to light a bonfire under strict supervision. But I would never allow a child to 'play with fire'. :eek:
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