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Bohm criticized this assumption (the widely held assumption that it was possible for any single theory, such as quantum theory, to be complete) by pointing out that Nature might be infinite. Because it would not be possible for any theory to completely explain something that is infinite, Bohm suggested that open scientific inquiry might be better served if researchers refrained from making this assumption.(Holographic Universe/Michael Talbot)

What does it mean that the scientific inquiry is "open"?
  • It means, unfettered, unrestricted, not hampered by rules or restrictions or assumptions (e.g. about the finiteness or infiniteness of the universe).

    The public wants an open inquiry into the death of the unarmed teen, from a policeman's bullet. "Open" here meaning, among other things, "Let's not assume the policeman was justified, that the boy was in the wrong, etc. Let's not assume that civilian witnesses are less reliable than the police involved."

    Scientists want 'open' inquiry into climate change; they do not want to be told, "As a groundrule, do NOT say 'It's due to using coal and oil,' for restrictions would harm the economy."
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