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    I'm looking for a definition of "open-textured".

    This is the sentence: "To what extent is statutory interpretation based on strict and precise rules, as opposed to open-textured principles?"

    A definition and a french translation would be amazing :)

    Many thanks in advance
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    Open-textured: whose texture is open.
    I'd say: Dans quelle mesure l'interprétation statutaire est-elle basée sur des règles strictes et précises, par apposition aux principes à texture(s) ouverture(s) ?​.
    I don't know whether these principles do have one single texture or many. That's why the two s are put between brackets.
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    It's not as simple as that. "Open-textured" is a specialised term of legal theory / legal interpretation.
    See this article regarding Herbert L.A. Hart's "open texture theory" of the rules of law.
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    Merci beaucoup :)

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