Open the door [change to passive?]

Discussion in 'English Only' started by lune97, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. lune97 Senior Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to change the sentence "Open the door." to a passive voice sentence.

    What about "Let the door be opened." ?

    Is it grammatically okay ? And have you ever heard somebody say "Let the door be opened"?

  2. owlman5

    owlman5 Senior Member

    I see nothing wrong with "Let the door be opened", Lune, but I don't recall ever hearing anybody say it in a real conversation. It sounds like the sort of thing a king or queen might say in a movie.
  3. Wil_Estel Senior Member

    Grammatically it is okay as owlman5 has stated, but "Let the door be opened" and "open the door" don't actually mean the same thing for me. Besides, why are you turning an imperative into a passive voice?
  4. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    Another version might be "The door is to be opened."

    As was said above, neither of these are exactly the same as the original imperative.
    Please let us know what answer your teacher wanted. I am curious to know.

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