open to interpretation

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ola todos

how do you say

open to interpretation in portuguese (european) for example,

this large figure is open to interpretation

  • almufadado

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    Português de Portugal
    You could also say, in a forum, that the fact that the nedd to capitalize the word in sentences in this forum is not "aberta à discussão", ( although Vanda gives up some slack !).

    If something is not a dogmatic concept, that is it's just a matter of personal opinion or it depends on the point of view of the observer then you could say that :
    "... é matéria de /depende da opinião pessoal";
    "... depende do ponto de vista".

    If it is not a consensual subject, whereas there are differences of interpretation one could say :

    "... sujeita à interpretação (de cada um/de <someone>).
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