opening a soda bottle which has been shaken and it explodes

Discussion in 'Suomi (Finnish)' started by Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Senior Member

    How would you describe a such a situation where I open a bottle of some drink ("julmust" to be exact) which contains gas, and it "explodes"?

    Minä avaan pullo julmust, ja se räjähtyy, koska se ravistettiin. (?)
  2. Gavril Senior Member

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    Hi EVOO,

    You don't need to include "minä" here unless you're emphasizing that it's you who are opening the bottle, not someone else.

    Remember that if you have a bottle of something (or a bag of something, or a box of something, etc.), that "something" appears in the partitive (julmustia).

    (I'm not sure if "Julmustia" is the most common partitive form of Julmust, but I haven't been able to find a better option yet.)
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  3. Hakro

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    We don't say räjähtää here, instead I'd say kuohahtaa, purskahtaa, pärskähtää etc.
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  4. Gavril Senior Member

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    I found several examples of "pullo räjähti" online, where pullo is a soda pop bottle or similar. Would räjähtää be appropriate if, for example, the pressure was so strong that the bottle cap popped off and flew into the air?

    (Admittedly, this probably isn't the kind of situation EVOO was thinking of.)

    Also, sorry for the vowel harmony mistake (ravistetty).
  5. Hakro

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    In spoken language you can hear "pullo räjähti" or even "ihminen räjähti" (raivostui, got mad) but only in a figurative way.

    Fact: "Räjähdys (detonaatio) on nopea kemiallinen reaktio, jossa vapautuu suuri määrä lämpö- ja liike-energiaa. Periaatteessa kyseessä on erittäin nopea palamisreaktio." (Wikipedia)

    [Don't worry about the vowel harmony – even native Finnish speakers make this kind of mistakes.]

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