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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Delyla, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Delyla Member

    Hi everybody!
    I'm writing about an art exhibition and I have to tell that some of the paintings have never been shown before in public.
    So, how would you translate "opera inedita" in this case?

    Thank you!
  2. Paulfromitaly

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    Brescia (Italy)
    Come si effettua una ricerca nel forum?


    autori inediti in Europa
    brano inedito
    Gli archivi del museo conservano molti disegni inediti

    Tu come lo tradurresti?
  3. Delyla Member

    Ok, thank you Paul. I think "Inedited" is the right word! Sorry, I looked for "inedito" and "inedita" and the results didn't match with what I was looking for. I had to try with "Inediti" too!
  4. elfa

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    Bath, England
    I consider myself a reasonably well educated person and I have never heard of the word "inedited" before - perhaps this is an AE/BE difference because in BE we would say "unedited" or "unpublished". Delyia, is this just a title, or is there a whole phrase to be translated? "Previously unshown paintings" is the phrase that springs to mind.
  5. Delyla Member

    Thanks Elfa! Well, I have to translate the title of the exhibition "XXX, Quadri, opere monumentali, disegni ed inediti". I sow "inedited" in ​http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1455018
  6. Delyla Member

    Is it right to use "unedited" or "unpublished" talking about a paintings? Aren't they more appropiated about books?:confused:
  7. elfa

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    Bath, England
    No, it isn't correct to talk about "unedited" or "unpublished" when talking about paintings - but the WR reference for "inedited" talks about "libro" as the reference.

    I would translate your title as

    XXX: Paintings, larger works, drawings/sketches and previously unshown works.

    See here for examples of "previously unshown" when referring to works of art.
  8. Delyla Member

    Thank you Elfa!

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