operate according to their own values


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I found the text from oxford eap textbook titled ' cyberculture; the artical world of the internet' and I cannot understand what is meansy by ' operate their own values' in the following sentence.

...... It has become increasingly difficult for ordinarly users to operate according to their own values because they are dependant on the tools created and controlled by the technical elite. These tools are constructed according to the beliefs and values of the elite and in the language is has developed.
  • owlman5

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    This is another way of saying that the tools are not "user-friendly", halmom. If users could "operate according to their own values", they would work with systems that were easier for them to understand.

    Instead, they must work with systems created by the technical elite. The author thinks the elite's values (things the designers think are important) and the users' values are different.