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Hello everybody,
I hope I will express myself clearly as I am looking for a word and cannot find a good synonym or similar word to describe it well.
The word is an adjective which collocates with operation and is used e.g. when there is a new project/product, first it is tested and launched in so-called testing operation, then the product is launched for real, how would you call the after-testing operation?

In my language it is often used with new websites - first they are in testing operation and then in .................... operation. (Or sometimes the testing operation phase is left out and it is launched directly.)
Any idea?
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    I will address two aspects.

    Firstly, a good word for a testing period is "initial." "Initial test period," would indicate that a product has just been finished and is being tested under new circumstances for the first time. This word tends to denote that it is a trial period--a time to test and make sure the product is satisfactory, free from errors, etc.

    After this process, one could say that the product has entered "standard operations."

    "The new machine was put into standard operation in all of the factories after a three month initial testing period."

    This means that perhaps a few machines were used at first and on a limited basis, but after making sure they functioned and performed tasks properly, were ntroduced on a larger and more standard scale.


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    Another common name for "Initial test period" (first part) is 'beta'
    the beta test website

    Another common name for "standard operations"
    When it is software, we often call it the released version and sometimes public version.
    If it is a website, I will call it the live version.
    Live as in 'alive' or 'live animals'
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