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    I'm an air traffic controller and a just got a promotion in my job. From now I'll work as a supervisor, however, diferently from other countries, I won't work allways as a supervisor and I'll will still work as an air traffic controller (on frecuency) some days (this only happens in a few countries). I've heard some people call themselves Operational or Operative Supervisor, but really don't know which one is correct or if both are, which one reflects my current situation more precisely. If none of them seem correct to you please feel free to suggest any other form.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Hi, thanks for your answer. I'm not sure if that really defines my role.

    When it says:
    "Note that 80% of ATCOs remain operational controllers for the duration of their career, although there are some opportunities for progression as detailed below.

    Roles Once experienced as an ATCO, potential roles include:

    - Operational watch supervisor (managing fellow ATCOs)"

    It seems to me that operational watch supervisors do not work on frecuency any longuer, and just supervise operational controllers. I think the "operational" doesn't mean he is operational but that he supervises operational ATCOs.
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    Different countries, companies, etc. often have different official titles for similar positions. Were you not told your new title when you were given your promotion? You used the word "supervisor". Certainly a purely descriptive title could be "supervising air traffic controller" or "air traffic controller/supervisor" or something like that—but that doesn't mean they're official.

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