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Hello everyone,

I'm not even 100% sure of what they do, but I've got to translate "operatori del benessere" in English. I guess it's massgae therapists, naturopathists, etc. Anyone knows how to say it?

My guess is "health and fitness professionals" but I confess I just made that up.

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    Ciao Rockn :)

    In base al contesto, potrebbero essere veri e propri "operatori" anziché "professionisti"?
    Nel senso: potrebbe andare "SPA operators" ?

    Ciao :)


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    Health professionals are doctors, nurses, radiologists, etc. I don't think that's what you're looking for. Maybe better here is health therapists which is very vague but gives the general idea.


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    health therapists is the best option so far..

    another option could be "wellness professionals"
    wellness professionals is what we use to define both personal trainers (inclusive of yoga, pilates, conventional weight training, etc.) and spa therapists.



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    Wellness professionals sounds very new age and slightly pretentious... perfect! :)
    love the way you describe the term! :D

    here's the background:
    The fitness and wellness industry has been veering away from the old '80s image of gym=meat market to gym+spa=healthy lifestyle.
    the new definition only mirrors this effort.
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