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Hello all,
What kind of person would best be qualified as opinionated?
Does this mean stubborn, obstinate, bigoted or does it describe a person who has an opinion on every subject?
Is it a good or a bad quality?
Thank you
  • Copyright

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    American English
    Opinionated, to me, means someone who holds (and too often shares) strong opinions from which he is not likely to be swayed no matter how persuasive your arguments.

    So I generally find it negative ... or neutral, at best.

    Thomas Tompion

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    English - England
    I'd go further than Copyright, but very much in the same direction.

    I'd say certainly it means bigoted and obstinate, and overkeen to put opinions forward.

    It doesn't necessarily mean that the person has an opinion on every subject, and the emotive force of the word is very negative as I'm used to hearing it.
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