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Hello there :),,


I find these words I list above quite indistinguishable.

From my perspective, basically, they all mean the same thing that someone's unwilling to change despite knowing they're wrong.

I'm giving 4 examples of them below : (self-made)

1. He's so opinionated that he never embrace other's perception.
2. What a stubborn girl she is!! Never going to apologise even though she knows it's her fault.
3. I couldn't confessed that that was my fault, because I'm that headstrong.
4. We can no longer be wilful as we've grown up.

Could anyone help me?

  • pob14

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    These are just my reactions to the words, since you're not getting any other answers.

    I think opinionated can have positive connotations (whereas the others generally don't);
    We want an opinionated congressman, not someone who will just say what we want to hear!
    Although I see from freedictionary that the definition includes "unreasonably" holding to an opinion. It's not a word I use a lot.

    Willful tends to be used only with small children; it implies a child that doesn't obey her parents.

    Stubborn and headstrong are quite similar, I think; implying that one wrongly acts in a certain way despite reasons not to.

    (I don't see any implication in any of them that the person knows they are wrong; perhaps others do.)
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