oposición de prueba

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  1. divingdwarf Member

    Hi there,

    I have not a slight idea of legal terms, but I need to translate OPOSICION DE PRUEBA, and I need it bad.

    Context is the following: a person has applied the Ministry for a Concession, which will grant this person some rights over some lands. In the application procedure there seems to be some stages, and one of them is the so-called OPOSICION DE PRUEBA, which seems to refer to some SAMPLES or EVIDENCES (they can be SAMPLES or simple INSPECTION OF THE LAND, although I may have misunderstood the context itself).

    The text is a Peruvian official document.

    I myself cannot define what OPOSICION DE PRUEBA is, as I am quite unaware of this legal jargon.

    You cannot imagine how much grateful I am for you answers.
  2. Dani California

    Dani California Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    La expresión es curiosa, pues normalmente la fase de presentación de pruebas suele venir referida como "proposición de prueba" no oposición de ésta.
    En todo caso el término "oposición" parece sugerir que la prueba a presentar ha de ser en contrario, yo creo que podrías hablar de "submission of evidence to the contrary" o bien "submission of contradictory evidence" o bien (si es que no te quieres complicar) puedes hablar sencillamente de "submission of evidence" aunque te advierto que no soy traductora.... espera por otras voces más autorizadas.
  3. divingdwarf Member

    Dani, thanks a lot.

    I forgot to mention that the OPOSICION DE PRUEBA is made by the authority when someone's against the applicant being awarded the concession, and contest the preliminary decision made by the a/m authority. Your guess sounds good and you seem to have understood the context better than me.

    I'll be awaiting other suggestions - In the meantime I'll stick to any of your third option.

  4. Paula Ana Senior Member

    Spanish (Perú)

    ¿Y al final supieron cómo se dice "oposición de prueba" en inglés?

    Tengo entendido que la oposición de pruebas es una etapa en la que la parte que no presentó la prueba tiene un plazo para aceptar esa prueba (s) o puede oponerse/rechazarla/tacharla, etc.

    Espero sus respuestas y/o comentarios.

    Gracias y saludos.:)
  5. David

    David Banned

    You do not provide the actual sentence to be translated. Although you explain the circumstances, you do not provide the context, and without it, and given Dani's questions, plus the "explanation" provided, the context wold be extremely helpful in choosing the right word. I do not understand how the "authority" can present evidence. This would be a class example of acting as "juez y parte", which would not be permitted.

    OPOSICION DE PRUEBA is made ¿¿¿by??? the authority [¿before the authority? ¿to the authority?] when someone's against the applicant's being awarded the concession, and contest¿¿¿s??? the preliminary decision made by the ¿¿¿a/m??? [¿aforementioned?] authority.

    ...to the Ministry for a ¿¿¿Concession???, [¿lease? ¿licenc(s)e?] which will grant this person some rights over some lands.

    Evidence in Support of Opposition?

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