• sunny said:
    What do the words "oppioidi" and "malattie autoimmuni" mean? Thanks a lot.

    "Oppioidi" are all the substances derived from opium.

    "Malattie autoimmuni" = self-immune diseases (?)

    I'm not sure though... let's wait for someone more expert than me!

    Both terms are medical terms and Morgana translated them correctly.
    An autoimmune (= self-immune) disease is a (sometime very serious) illness when our immunitary system reacts against cells of our own organism. These diseases are quite common (particularly thyroid autoimmune disorders), but very difficult to cure.

    Please correct my English, if needed :)
    Thank you
    Very clear answers.

    The English words are: opioid, autoimmune, and immune system. ("Immunitary" doesn't exist; and I don't think "self-immune" is used, though I could be wrong).