Opposite of Collapsible?

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Hi, I like the fact that its a brain teaser, but I'm starting to feel the same feeling when I was about 5 years old. someone came to my kindergarden and asked "is the water wet". I've answered "No", since I couldnt think of an object preforming an action on itself- i.e. -if water is"wetting" it can't wet itself. in the Collapsible I find some similarities - the term "folding" or "collapsible" is related to the marketing factor (or "sales" factor) that an object can ocupy less space when not in use. this feature, the folded one, is less interesting for the person who bought the object (i.e. the table will not be useful when folded), but the description of the action (folding) became the negative of the object attraction. Lets compare it to a Man attracted to a woman, the attaraction term that will be used for this will be "Neglecting woman" (like "folding table") - this woman is very attractive when you don't need it. she can go away at any time... Like water, if it can wet itself - it doesn't need anything else... and the connecting action is gone"...
good luck with your research, but I still didn't find the correct descriptive word...
  • Hagpaz,
    I combined this post with the discussion thread already in progress - two threads on the subject would simply add to the confusion.

    Good luck with your research. Keep in mind that there are many concepts that simply do not have a single-word description in English.
    Is this for a thesis, flier, technical instructions or spoken?
    How about these options in context:

    A.) I will assemble it.
    B.) It can be re-assembled.
    C.) This diagram shows how the product can be re-assembled.
    D.) The product can be re-constructed.
    E.) The product is both collapsible and expandable.
    F.) The product is collapsible. (there may actually be no need to state that the product can be re-assembled)
    hagpaz said:
    good luck with your research, but I still didn't find the correct descriptive word...

    Now that's a bit rude, this researcher feels!
    This is your research we have been conducting!
    And you do seem a tad ungrateful, if I may be do bold.

    We have made several offerings - and you have shot them down on pathetic grounds - they were not "politically correct"…
    :eek: who ever heard of an adjective for a !@£$%^&* box being "politically correct"?

    I suggest that you find your own word. Only you will know when it is "right". You do not seem to be prepared to accept that maybe there isn't a word such as you seek —> not everything in English is one-worded. Hyphens and multi-word constructions are time honoured ways of getting one's point across.

    I'd wish you good luck with your research, but frankly, I've lost interest and don't care whether you do find anything even vaguely suitable to your ever-so-precious requirements.

    (With sincere apologies to any offended moderators - but exasperation strikes occasionally. I fully acknowledge that this post deserves to be deleted, but I'd rather post it and be smitten than sit and let this fester!)
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