Opposite of Simpatico or amable?

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  1. Billydv New Member

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    Hi, just wondering if someone can explain the opposites of nice in Spanish, for example if I wanted to say that "She isn't very nice"

    Ella no es muy simpatica.

    Isnt ther a better way to say this without having to use a negative "no es" instead of "es"?
  2. resplandor

    resplandor Member

    Monterrey, N.L.
    amable antipático, grosero, rudo, desagradable simpático antipático, desagradable

    Usa esta página para que encuentres definiciones, sinónimos, antónimos, ingles, etc.
  3. Billydv New Member

    usa english
    Thanks , antipatico was the word I was trying to remember, no matter how many times my girlfriend tells it to me I always seem to forget it and not to seem stupid I dont ask her but come here to find the answer, Thanks for your response.

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