opposite of "up to date"

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I am looking for the opposite of "up to date" to complete the following sentence

Are your vaccinations up to date or ........?

I am considering " late" because I think " out of date" is not suitable here. Correct? any comments/ suggestions?
  • djmc

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    Out of date looks normal to me. In the same context one could have update (means bring up to date) and outdated (out of date).

    Matching Mole

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    I agree "out of date" isn't quite appropriate here, as it seems to suggest that the vaccination doses themselves are out of date (i.e. "past their use-by date"). I'd probably say "Are you behind with your vaccinations?".


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    There are several choices here. Simply stop the sentence after "date". Replace the ..... with "not". Finally, how about "Are your vaccinations current or overdue?"

    Thomas Tompion

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    Let's suppose that we are talking to a non-medical person to find out if his vaccinations are up-to-date, and not discussing the language used to medical people to find if batches of the vaccine are past their sell-by date.

    I think I'd say: are your vaccinations (or jabs) up-to-date? or are you up-to-date with your vaccinations? The formula suggests that these are vaccinations which need to be renewed occasionally, like tetanus jabs.

    I don't think I would ever use, or have ever heard, an antonym for up-to-date used in this context.


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    I agree: Just end the question with ...up to date? Or: ...up to date, or not? We don't call them "jabs," by the way; here, they're shots. (Except for a couple of oral and nasal vaccines, used mainly for little kids.)
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