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Supppose that you have to write a summary of an observed conversation between two students.

In your summary, you're supposed to write
Elly: What was the name of the movie?
Sam: I don't remember. Let's ask Amber.

But you're not supposed to write,
When Elly aked the name of the movie, Sam was not able to respond.

I would say, the first is writing the sentences 'verbatim' or 'word for word'. How should I describe the second way of writing a summary? What's the word to use?
Thank you so much!
  • Myridon

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    If you use different words to say the same thing, it's a paraphrase. A summary is shorter because it leaves out details.
    (Sam did respond (he said something) so your sentence is called "incorrect." ;))
    When Elly asked what the name of the movie was, Sam said he didn't remember and suggested that we ask Amber. (Indirect speech)
    When Elly wanted to know the film's title, Sam didn't know but thought Amber might. (paraphrase)


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    "Paraphrase" tells the exact story but in your own words and not in the words of the participants.

    From Free Dictionary Online:

    1. A restatement of a text or passage in another form or other words, often to clarify meaning.
    2. The restatement of texts in other words as a studying or teaching device.
    3. The adaptation or alteration of a text or quotation to serve a different purpose from that of the original.
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