opposite words

  • Joelline, I was looking at "crybaby" in terms of being a weak, wishy-washy, irresolute kind of person that can't handle trials and tribulations so I was finding it difficult to think of an antonym.

    But if we think of a crybaby as a kind of whiny pessimist, then optimist works as an antonym. :)
    I, too, had problems at first, but then I thought of the other side of "crybaby"--one who complains and whines over everything! I'm not sure "optimist" will always work, but I'm pretty sure that pollyanna will. To me, a pollyanna is one who always looks at everything in the most positive light (and always smiles). I find both crybabies and pollyannas to be incredibly annoying, so maybe that's why I lumped them together ;).
    It's a bit difficult to come up with inquiries such as this when they are presented without any further context. So the most I would suggest would be words such as courageous, brave, valient, heroic, strong, rustic.

    Hope this helps. If not, please give us some context to go by.