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I have a couple of questions regarding specific terms used in English to describe football.

1. I'll start with the simplest: are the terms half-time and full-time used to denote the end of the first halftime and the end of the second halftime accordingly? I have doubts mostly with full-time, whether it marks the end of the second halftime, rather than the end of the match itself (which is not the same provided that a match includes also extra time).

2. What about the term opposition - what it means, what´s the difference between opposition and tackle (which is the struggle for the ball when one of the players already posesses the ball and the other tries to take it away - what´s the correct term for this kind of action btw).

I´m sorry if I´m too inquisitive=) I hope someone will help me with this as "googling" the terms and reading through match descriptions does not help much.... Thanks in advance
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    Ok in that case:

    Half time means the end of the first half.

    Full time is the end of the match, if the match goes into extra time then fulltime means after extra time. The commentator will probably say that the match was tied after 90 minutes or something like that.

    The opposition is the team against which you are playing eg if your team is Arsenal and they are playing Chelsea then Chelsea are the opposition.

    You are right about tackle, that is when you try and get the ball from an opposing player.

    Hope this helps


    Thanks, Mtundu.

    Sure that opposition could not be used to describe any kind of "struggling" for the ball between players?

    One more thing to specifiy about tackle. Tackle is in fact a process, that is, a player runs and tries to "take the ball away" from another player of the opposite team. This process might take some time before and if the actual act of "taking the ball away" takes place. This taking the ball away is the result of tackling. My question is if there is a specific term for defining this action.

    Thanks again for your help.


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    No opposing cannot be used in the way that you describe, you may hear commentators refer to players as opposing. For example, 'The two opposing goalkeepers had very busy afternoons'

    As for your question about tackling, well in my understanding (and I've been watching football for quite a few years now) a tackle is that act of attempting to get the ball away from an opposing player. There is a BE idiom 'committing to the tackle' this means that the player has made a play for the ball and tried to kick it away from his opponent.
    If you are looking for a specific term for removing the ball from an opponent I have often heard the term dispossessed used. For example 'Thierry Henry dispossessed the defender of the ball and scored'


    Hi again,

    Another couple of questions if you permit:

    1. When a player is tackled and loses the ball - which would be the best way to describe this - Ball Loss or rather Loss of Ball?

    2. When a player receives the ball, can it be called Ball Reception? Or Ball Touch is better?

    3. Do the terms Header Shot, Header Pass, Header Clearance sound ok to you (these are when a player makes a pass, a shot or clearance with his head)?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    sound shift

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    1. This would be described with a verb, not a noun:
    He's lost the ball; or
    He's been dispossessed (by X).

    2. Neither "ball reception" nor "ball touch" is used. We say
    X received the ball from Y; or
    X fed Y; or
    X passed to Y; or
    X supplied Y.

    3. None of these is used. We say header at goal, headed pass and headed clearance.


    Thanks, sound shift. I supposed the nouns would sound strange, but the problem is that I am making a list of possible "actions" that can happen during a match and it would also be rather strange if verbs appeared in the existing list of nouns like pass, wall pass, start of first half, clearance, dribble, cross, offside etc Any ideas on how I could overcome this trouble? The list is a part of a software interface.
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