opt-out of the weekly working time limits

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    Hello guys,
    I´m writing an essay about Working time conditions in U.k and Spain, Talking about the conditions in U.K I un into these two words, I know what it meas, It is an agreement between the worker and the compay or employer, but I would like to know the translation into Spanish, CHEERS

    Sample sentence:
    " As the opt out is going through a negotiating process in Europe, the UK law reamins unchanged on this point and workers are still able to opt-out of the weeklu working time limits."


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    Hello, Alichi, and welcome to the forum.
    I have found: opt-out: cláusula para optar por excluirse.
    I hope it helps.
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    how about "desistir"? it has worked for a text i was working on, so i am sharing it with the foro.
    ciao for now,
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    Native speakers may correct me, but I think the options are:
    - el "opt out" Británico
    - cláusula de salida
    - cláusula de no participación
    - cláusula de exclusión voluntaria

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