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Me encuentro con este término en el siguiente contexto (es un contrato de representación entre un agente y un jugador de béisbol):

Non-salary compensation shall include any compensation that Player receives based on any one or combination of the following:
signing bonus; roster bonus; performance or incentive based bonuses; award bonuses; option buyout; payments in event of trade (...)

¿Opción de compra? :confused:

Aguardo su ayuda.

Desde ya muchas gracias.
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    If a Uniform Player’s Contract contains a Club Option Year or a Player Option Year that is not deemed a Guaranteed 107 Year pursuant to subparagraph (a)(ii) above and the Player is to receive consideration upon the non-exercise of that option or the nullification of a championship season (“Option Buyout”), then such Option Buyout shall be deemed a Signing Bonus.

    ¿Compra de opción?
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