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From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Every year now, explained Superintendent Metz, before school starts, a group of elderly St. Louis Park residents get together and create bags of supplies— 450 bags of school supplies in 2015—that they distribute at a local church, St. George’s Episcopal, for needy kids. The program was organized by a retired teacher and her husband, who was a retired principal. It is part of a local nonprofit called STEP—St. Louis Park Emergency Program, formed in 1975 to help local residents in need of food or clothing or advocacy.

Get Assistance | STEP

STEP welcomes St. Louis Park residents in need of assistance with food, clothing, transportation, or connection to other services. Clients will meet with a professional social worker.

What does "advocacy" mean? Legal assistance, i.e. assistance from lawyers?

Thank you.
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