'~, or he and I will fall out, <I can tell him>!'

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park sang joon

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The narrator recalls his childhood.
He was forced to work for his own living for Mr. Murdstone's friend Mr. Quinion at London by his stepfather Mr. Murdstone.
When the protagonist started to run away to his grand aunt Miss Betsey, he was robbed his money and box by a porter and then he abandoned pursuing him after a long distance pursuit.
At last, he arrived his grand aunt's place after a long and rough traveling.

"I have written to him," said my aunt.
"To your father-in-law," said my aunt. "I have sent him a letter that I'll trouble him to attend to, or he and I will fall out, I can tell him!"
[David Copperfield by Charles Dickens]
I'd like to know what "I can tell him" means here.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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