or otherwise dispose of

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  1. FraRoma Member

    How Would you translate: "or otherwise dispose of? this is the entire sentence:

    The Parties shall not assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of this Agreement or any rights, interests or obligations resulting thereof without the prior written consent of the other Party

    I found: "o di disporre diversamente del presente Contratto, o di qualunque diritto, interesse o obbligo derivante dallo stesso", but I'm not sure the solution is correct. Would you help me?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Gianfry

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    Brighton, Uk
    "Dispose of", in ambito commerciale, significa "cedere, trasferire, vendere".
  3. CPA Senior Member

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    Si fa divieto alle parti di cedere, concedere o altrimenti alienare...

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