Or resemble no other flower in existence


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Hi, I would like to translate this sentence in this context:

Why take pains to animate a flower if the wind does it without any trouble at all ? Perhaps in order to allow the flower to act in a way it would not otherwise do : become a bird, recite a poem of Appolinnaire, or simply disappear. Or resemble no other flower in existence, while still remaining a flower animated by the wind

My try: Ou de ne ressembler aucune autre fleur qui existe - can we use the negative like this in French?

Ou de ne pas ressembler aucune fleur qui existe?

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    I just want to add my two cents here.

    Based on the complete sentence, I would say "de" is not necessary.

    devenir un oiseau
    réciter un poème d'Apollinaire
    ne ressembler à aucune autre fleur
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