...or the requirement that there be a "host chapter".

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    In a reading about event organization I came across the below sentence in which "host chapter" was used:

    I searched the term and found an article on the Internet. The title of this article is TTRA Board Policy Discussion on Host Chapter Revenue Loss. Based on this article, at first I thought that the term "host chapter" is used where there is more than one organization who host the event. After reading the article a little more I realized that "host chapter" actually refers to something else. The reason I came to this conclusion is this statement;

    Can any one tell me please what "host chapter" is?
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    We are concerned here with meaning 3 from the WR Dictionary:

    a local branch of some fraternity or association; "he joined the Atlanta chapter"

    When these local branches meet, the chapter of the place where they meet hosts the meeting. This chapter, hosting the meeting, is known as the host chapter.
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    Local divisions of some organizations are called chapters. The bold part says that some chapter must be the host for meetings. The organization shouldn't have a meeting somewhere that that they don't have a division because there isn't a chapter of the organization there there to host the meeting.
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    Thank you both. You made the sentence more understandable for me. Thanks again.

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