Or your uncle is a bit of a tight-arse


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It's the movie "What we did on our vacations".
Granddad is talking to her niece about her dad and her uncle,
"I mean, so what if your dad is a complete and utter bloody shambles?
Or your Uncle Gavin's a bit of a tight-arse?
All that social climbing! He can't help himself."

Now, there are two explanations for "tight-arse".
"inhibited person" and "miser".
But I can't relate any of this entirely with the following "all that social climbing".
So, some social climber has to be inhibited or miser?
I would be attempted to say "inhibited" but I miss his idea here.
Any idea?

Thank you
  • dermott

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    Given the reference to social climbing, tight-arse more likely refers to Uncle Gavin's personality. Inhibited is a narrow definition of tight-arse. The term can also describe someone who is conventional, even conservative, in their ways. Stitched-up is another idiomatic expression along the same lines.


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    Okay for conventional, even conservative,
    but I don't really see any solid link between this and social climbing.
    Thank you, Dermott.
    Granddad is Scottish.