Oracion afirmativa, negativa, interrogativa

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    Hi folks,

    I do not know the proper English words to refer to its Spanish equivalents:

    "Oracion afrimativa"
    "Oracion interrogativa"
    "Oracion negativa"

    My attempt:

    Affirmative sentence (?)
    Interrogative sentence (?)
    Negative sentence (?)

    A friend told me that affirmative sentence is not common and it should be called positive sentence, however I´ve been saying during my entire life affirmative sentence and I do not want to change this habit unless it is necessary, I mean, if it is not correct. Thanks!

    For those who do not understand the Spanish terms of which I want to know its translation into English here goes an example:
    Oracion afirmativa: Peter plays basket
    Oracion interrogativa: Does Peter play basket?
    Oracion negativa: Peter does not play basket.
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    My impression is that "affirmative" is the usual term,
    but this graph shows that both terms are frequent in published works.
    (Meanwhile, this other graph shows "oración afirmativa" far more frequent than "oración positiva" in Spanish.)
    Your three terms are perfectly good.
    For your three sentences, say "Peter plays basketball​", etc.

    P.S.: I gave you an answer favoring "affirmative" over "positive", but the grammar of Quirk et al. uses "positive" as the opposite of negative.
    They use "affirmative" only in talking about the "yes" answer to a question.
    (Meanwhile "declarative" is not a possibility—it means only "not interrogative and not imperative".
    You can have both positive and negative declarative sentences.)
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