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Discussion in 'English Only' started by river, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. river Senior Member

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    As I have advised you in the past, both orally and in writing, I don’t agree with the version of the facts relating to the possible relocation of . . .

    Would "verbal" work as well, here? Is there a distinction between "oral" and "verbal"?

    I thought this was discussed before, but I can't find it.
  2. bibliolept

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    "Verbally" sounds better to me, actually. Both should be acceptable, I suppose, but "verbal warning" is far more common than "oral warning."
  3. cyberpedant

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    To me, "orally" doesn't have exactly the right ring in this context. I would choose "verbally," or make specific reference to the conversation, e.g., "As I have advised you in the past, during our telephone conversation of April 3, 2007..."
  4. river Senior Member

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    I found this:

    "The word "oral" means by mouth; "verbal" means, simply, in words -- whether by mouth or by hand, spoken or written. When talking about contracts, use oral (not verbal) or written contract." Vocabula Review

    Thank you, C and B.
  5. GreenWhiteBlue

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    Orally is definitely better, as you discovered, as it is clearly different from "in writing". "Verbally", however, includes both spoken and written words -- think about it; what in the world would "non-verbal writing" consist of? Pictograms, perhaps? I doubt that is what is being described!
  6. panjandrum

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    There is a distinction between oral and verbal if you choose to make one. But the use of verbally to mean spoken rather than written has a very long pedigree.
  7. nichec

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    I myself prefer "verbally" in this context, because "orally" makes me think about funny stuff, like medicine and......blah blah blah :D

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