order for payment of dean attorney fees

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by ydroustan, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. ydroustan New Member

    Nicaraguan Spanish
    Hola, me podrían ayudar a traducir esta frase. Se trata de una orden de pago de Honorarios de Abogado asignado por la corte en una materia criminal. El abogado prestó servicios como 'Dean counsel' en el caso. No se lo que significa, ni se como traducir, 'Dean counsel' o 'Dean Attorney Fees'. :

    La orden dice: Whereas Attorney Federico was appointed by the Court to serve as Dean counsel in this case. And Whereas, the Court has ordered the Defendant to repay the cost of court-appointed counsel in such criminal matters. Etc, etc. etc.

    Una posible traducción sería: Considerando que el Abogado Federico fue asignado por la Corte para servir como Abogado decano (Dean counsel?) en este caso. Y Considerando, que la Corte ha ordenado que el Acusado reembolse los honorarios del antes mencionado Abogado asignado por la corte en dichas materias criminales. Etc, etc. etc.

    El problema es que no se que significa servir como 'Dean counsel' y por lo tanto no se si la traducción 'Abogado decano' es correcta.
  2. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    American English
    "Dean counsel" does not have a readily understood meaning throughout the US, though it may be readily understood in a particular state. If this is not an error of some kind, I imagine that "Dean counsel" refers to a lawyer appointed as a result of a ruling in a case where a party's last name was Dean. For example, Dean v. Superior Court. I suspect this because we don't capitalize common nouns in English, and therefore it is likely that Dean is a person's name. If so, Dean is un apellido and should not be translated.
  3. ydroustan New Member

    Nicaraguan Spanish
    I found out that Dean comes from a case - State vs. Dean. It established the defendant's right to have legal counsel at the county's expense if the defendant is indigent. Basically it means "court-appointed" counsel or attorney. Thank you for your help.
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