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What is the difference between “order in the universe” and “order of the universe”?

Are they interchangeable in the following sentences?

1. In my most recent book, The Secret American Destiny, I have co-ordinated all the latest information in all the sciences to see what the sciences have to say about the order in/of the universe as opposed to the universe’s being an accident.

2. Apparently, the secret of the order of/in the universe is the lego brick.

3. “Because there is an overall source to the order of/in the universe, things have a connection,” he said.
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    They are not interchangeable.

    Order of the universe" means the order that regulates the behavior of the universe itself.

    "Order in the universe" means the order of something that is in the universe. It might be a very small part of the universe.

    Here, I think you want "order of the universe."
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