Ordinal numbers abbreviated

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United Kingdom
I'm preparing a Powerpoint on train tickets: for first and second class, what is the accepted abbreviations for the ordinal numbers ?


  • Kurtchen

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    German - Norddeutschland
    1st class = 1. Klasse
    2nd class = 2. Klasse

    Note that it is in fact the genetive case, so if you need to read it out it would be "eine Fahrkarte erster Klasse" etc. :)


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    Wether it is genitive or another case depends on the sentence.

    Eine Fahrkarte 1. Klasse. - Genitive.

    In a table the genitive may be lost but can also be used:


    1. Klasse | 2. Klasse.

    In "für die 1. Klasse" it is accusative, but it is not to recommend for powerpoint, because it is too long and it is lower style.

    In all cases the declination is hidden in the abbreviation.
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