Ore macchine agricole


Salve a tutti!
come posso tradurre in un questionario la voce "Ore macchine agricole"?
si riferisce a quante ore di utilizzo delle macchine agricole si ricorre.


OK, ho trobvato su un sito che vende macchine agricole.

"Agricultural machines"

grazie lo stesso!
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  • That's quite difficult actually. It's common to talk about machine hours as the hours a machine is working (in the same way that we talk about man hours or manhours for people's labour.) But, to me, agricultural machine hours wouldn't sound quite right - probably because it sounds as though agricultural refers to the hours rather than the machine. (NB I can't find the phrase agricultural machine[ry] hours on Google which suggests it isn't used much if at all.)

    You can use the phrase operating hours so I would probably say agricultural machinery operating hours.