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    Organ transplation is often lifesaving and gives recipients, who would not otherwise survive their illness, a new chance in life. It involves the surgical removal of a healthy organ from one person and its transplation into another person whose organ has failed or was injured. ________. Thus, shortage of donor organs is a great impediment to transplant programmes around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people in almost every country wait on organ transplant lists living day by day in fear of their future.

    Which of the following would fit into the blank best?

    A) Luckily, the number of people willing to donate their organs after their death is rising.
    B) Most of the organs that are available come from deceased donors.
    C) However, organ transplantation has some drawbacks, including the risk of organ rejection.
    D) Scientists are now focusing on their ultimate goal, which is growing new human kidneys, livers or hearts.
    E) Organ donation from living persons is becoming more and more common nowadays despite safety issues.

    I personally searched an option like '' However, not many people are willing to donate their organs. '' or something like that. Not seeing such an option, I went for B. What do you think would be the asnwer? Thanks.

    Source: YDS publihing ( exact source not known )
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    (B) looks like the right answer to me also.
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    (The word is transplantation:))

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