'organise your work around your life'

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  1. sarah1120 New Member

    English - Ireland
    i have to write a project in french and i want to say

    'its easy to organise your work around your life'

    my attempt is;

    'c'est facile a organiser le travaille autour la vie'

    this seems like it might be too direct. Can anyone help me?
  2. Shimeone New Member

    Belgium - French
    I don't really understand the meaning of your sentence so... Try this:
    "C'est facile d'organiser ton/votre travail autour de ta/votre vie".
  3. sarah1120 New Member

    English - Ireland
    sorry i should have explained the context.

    im describing advantages of a job and one is the fact that the hours are very flexible. so i want to say you can do things that you enjoy or look after your family and therefore choose the hours that you work according to what suits your life style best. does that make sense?

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