organized <crime> -that happy family whose main objective is

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Or you can try to put an end to organized crime - that happy family whose main objective is to convince us they don't exist while they destroy a whole generation with drugs and suck the life from our economy.
<Source: Commencement Speech at Connectcut College, 1980 by Alan Alda>

I know "crime" indicates a bad action, not a criminal or a gang, but in my example "that happy family" looks like to indicate "organized crime" to me.
So, I'd like to know what "crime" means in my example.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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    "Organized crime" is crime that is committed by organized groups. These groups may be called "gangs". They also sometimes use other terms for themselves, such as "crew", or "family", or "tong", or "syndicate". The use of "family" was particularly associated with the Mafia, and as an American of Italian descent, Alda would naturally associate a crime "family" with organized crime.
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