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    What i do in cases like this, is directly search the word in Sometimes you can find instances of it's use and figure out the meaning for yourself. Here's an example of it's use that I found:

    "Firmenstempel und Unterschrift der Organperson bzw. des Inhabers (s. "


    " Hieran fehlt es bei einer Organperson (Geschäftsführer, Vorstand), da diese Partei im Verfahren ist"


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    Thank you very much, guys!
    the context is: Vermögensschaden-Haftpflichtversicherung Organpersonen(individuell)
    It is type of insurance but I can't understand, what it stands for!)

    Gernot Back

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    On I found the following translation for "Organhaftpflichtversicherung" which might be helpful in this context:
    D&O-Versicherung Organhaftpflichtversicherung, die Mitarbeiter in Organ-
    und Führungsfunktionen (Directors & Officers) gegen Verantwortlichkeitsansprüche

    D&O insurance Liability insurance for members of corporate governing
    bodies or management (directors and officers) against claims arising out of
    their corporate service.
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