origen étnico y raza

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  1. mixtli Senior Member

    Son distintos, que no? Porque en una encuesta para una "non-profit" piden marcar la respuesta:


    _____African American
    _____Asian American
    _____Native American

    Me imagino que es una cuestion estadistica, pero, esta bien? o, es lo mismo, y si es lo mismo para que poner ambos?
  2. mixtli Senior Member

    Y en el mismo hilo, en espaniol se dice Etnia no Etnicidad, pregunto.
  3. SFO Senior Member

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    It's very contentious asking questions like these.

    It's always a surprise for "Hispanic" immigrants to the US to find they are classified as "non-white" (i.e. not "Caucasian").

  4. mrbilal87

    mrbilal87 Senior Member

    English (NAmE)

    I think it's because Hispanic is not considered a race, but rather an ethnicity. Race is usually biological, while ethnicity is a way of characterizing people based on race, religion, language, culture, etc. I think those are the definitions used by to determine the statistics.

  5. mixtli Senior Member

    Yes! also why not Hispanic American or Caucasian American? I think is silly, La raza es la raza negra o la raza africana? en fin.
  6. Outsider Senior Member

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    The US Bureau of the Census explicitly states that Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race (you can Google for their website).
    I think this is because "race" tends to be associated with skin colour and other physical characteristics, but Hispanics come in many different colours, so to speak.
  7. jacinta Senior Member

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    Ethnicidad es un grupo más grande. Se puede incluir una raza dentro del grupo étnico. Creo que sí son distintos y tu encuesta debe usar "race".
  8. mary de la loma

    mary de la loma Banned

    En este contexto los términos 'ethnicity' y 'race' son la mismísima palabra. Lo de 'race' es anticuado. Sólo hay una raza en este mundo—la raza humana.

    Hoy día, al menos en los EEUU, los términos 'etnia' y 'origen étnico' (etnicidad) son sinónimos. Ambos se refieren a la 'identidad étnica.'
  9. mrbilal87

    mrbilal87 Senior Member

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    I think they mean race in the biological sense, though I am aware that "race" can be defined similarly to ethnicity. Within the Hispanic ethnicity there are many different biological races.

  10. Barbara S. Senior Member

    Race is not commonly used in the "biological sense" anymore - a person who is identified as African/American, for example, on the basis of skin color may in fact be more "biologically (genetically) Caucasian than African.

    In the UK, Indians (from India) are called Asians, but in the U.S. an Asian American is someone from East or South East Asia.
  11. Pita7 Member

    English - Canadian
    It can have the biological connotation of different physical traits. But the word doesn't necessarily have to refer to those common physical traits. Race can have a broader definition when referring to people. There is overlap in meanings between ethnicity and race in English

    " a: a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock
    b : a class or kind of people unified by shared interests, habits, or characteristics or
    c: a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits"


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