Origin of "ačiū" (Lithuanian)


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I just watched <...> and one woman at 7:40 responded "alright" which sounds exactly as "ačiū" in Lithuanian. I think she speaks Urdu although google translates different word for "alright". I found that "good" is kinda similar in Urdu and Hindi. She says "alright" also in 9:46 but it has a different ending. I also checked what does wiktionary say about origin of "ačiū" - nothing specific and there are no mentions about my suspicions. Any ideas? Ačiū! :)

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    Most Lithuanian sources say that "ačiū" (meaning "thank you") is a word of unclear etymology.
    From what I've found, the Hindi phrase "achcha" can mean something like "OK" or "wow!", not "thank you".