original endleaves

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  1. Theoex Senior Member

    Comment traduiriez-vous "original" here ?
    « The original endleaves appear to be recent replacements, as do the spine linings and the end bands »
  2. constantlyconfused

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    This doesn't seem to make sense (which is presumably why you're asking the question...); normally, you would expect these endleaves to be either the originals or replacements - I don't see how they can be both. I assume there's nothing in the text to explain this?
    Is it possible that they are claimed to be the original endleaves, but on closer examination they appear to be recent replacements?
  3. Cigaloune

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    Peut-être que la phrase a été mal formulée, l'idée étant
    The original endleaves must have been replaced by new ones.
  4. OLN

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    Il y a un autre sens à original : "These unusual/unconventional endleaves appear to be recent replacements".
    Pas "d'origine", mais originales, inhabituelles, singulières, insolites.
  5. Theoex Senior Member

    Je suis vraiment désolé de vous soumettre ce texte sans queue ni tête... et qui me fait perdre la mienne (de tête).
  6. Itisi

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    OLN, justement, il faudrait que ce soit 'These original etc'.

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